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Using the wrong flange size can hinder milkflow and even lead to injury. The spectra flange is only compatible with the spectra s1plus, s1, s2plus, s2, 9plus, dew 350 and m1 breast pumps.

The Ultimate Guide To A Spectra Pump Breastfeeding And Pumping Breastfeeding Baby Breastfeeding

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Breast pump flange fit spectra. Fits perfectly on an authentic spectra bottle that has a wide neck, if you are double pumping, you will need two. This is usually a 24mm and a 27/28mm flange. If you’ve been trying to hack your breast pump kit so that you can use your medela flange with your spectra pump, agonise no more!

I wrote an entire article on 3 different ways to hack your. Spectra breast pumps include the most commonly fitted flange size, 24mm breastshields. Breast pump flange fit spectra.

Compatible with all medela pumps except freestyle and. Replaces spectra shield (32 mm two flanges) 4.7. Replacement parts from spectra are readily available on amazon!

More comfortable for the majority of breast feeding moms. All breast pumps now come with 2 x 24mm wide neck breast shields. I secretly wish that they support broader range of flange size (especially smaller size) just like what medela has, or maymom.

Medela flanges will fit the spectra pump if you use a special adapter. Having a poorly sized flange can lead to breast damage, pain, and poor output, which can lead to premature weaning of the baby from breast milk. You can use it to wrangle the backflow adapters, or fit a bottle into it.

It's a good idea to check the fit of the pump flange from time to time. If you have a spectra or another breast pump with a combined flange/connector, you can get an adapter use pumpin pals or you can hack your pump to use medela breast pump parts. The pumping mother is the ultimate arbiter of proper fit.

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Pumpin pals are easiest to use when your breast pump parts have a separate flange and connector (like medela’s breast pump parts). This is because the spectra backflow protectors and medela flanges connect to the pump tubing in different ways. Spectra is one of the most popular breast pumps, but it does have abnormal flanges which means most of the nursing and pumping bras don’t work with it!

Close product quick view ×. If you have previously used one of our pumps and know that you require a different size, we continue to supply 28mm and 32mm shield sets. Here’s how you can measure your nipple to help select the breastshield size that’s right for you.

Click here to check out our breast shield sizing guide and find the correct flange/shield for you! A breast pump flange is a plastic piece that fits directly over your nipple to form a seal around the areola. You are not currently eligible to purchase this product.

This authentic spectra flange is suitable for use with any following breast pump: You may need a smaller or larger flange depending on the size of your nipple. This is my favorite adapter to use medela flanges with a spectra pump.

The average flange is between 24 and 27 millimeters (mm)—which corresponds to the size of your nipple—but not everyone who breastfeeds will fit these sizes. As mentioned, your nipple size can also change throughout breastfeeding, so here are a few more tips to determine if a new flange is needed: Do medela flanges fit spectra?

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To use these flanges with your pump, you just replace the breast shield that came with your pump with the lacteck one. The spectra s2 has a little “cup holder” on the back. (which is easier to do probably.

Watch how to properly use the fitting guide and why finding the right fit is key for each pumping session. Lacteck babymotion flanges fit into medela, lansinoh, and hygeia breast pump parts without any adaptors. You are not experiencing pain in your nipple.

Nipples come in all different shapes and sizes This creates a vacuum that gently draws your nipple into the funnel for milk extraction. There are loads of hacks around, from squashing the medela flange inside the spectra shield, trying to boil the spectra shield until it softens, or forcing the spectra backflow filter to fit the medela tubing, but wouldn’t you love an.

Your breasts are moving too much or too little while pumping. One (1) spectra single breast flange. The breast pump flange is the part that connects your breast to the pump.

A breast pump flange is a plastic piece that fits directly over your nipple to form a seal around the areola. For use with the spectra s1, s2, sg, and 9 plus breast pumps. This causes the pump to work less effectively, meaning you get less milk.

The inserts are intended for 24/25 mm flanges, and are too large in diameter to sit properly in the 21 mm openings. However, that might not be the correct flange size for your breasts. The 24mm shield is by far the most popular size available and we are thrilled we were able to offer this at no extra charge to our customers.

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Once you get your flanges, you’ll want to test to ensure you’ve chosen the right size by making sure the fit is right. Standard sized 25 mm inner diameter; When it comes to pumping breastmilk, size matters!

Maymom flange inserts 17 mm for medela and spectra 24 mm shields/flanges. Although this is the most common size, many women will fit better in other sizes. Spectra s1, spectra s2, spectra 9 plus, and dew 350.

And is used for spectra wide neck bottles. Although this is the most common size, many women will fit better in other sizes. Maymom wide neck pump part for spectra s1/s2 pumps;

When it comes to a flange, the right fit matters a lot. If you are double pumping, you will require two. Using the correct flange size with your spectra breast pump is something you can’t compromise on.

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